Hand Care 101

The long awaited instructional video on how to care for your hands is finally here. After about 4 weeks of deliberately trashing my hands, I’ve completed a rather lengthy and in-depth video on how to remediate hard edged calluses on your palms and fingers to protect you from tearing during your workouts and to generally make having calluses on your hands more comfortable.

What this video will do:

  • Illustrate one of the many methods out there for dealing with callused hands.
  • Show one of the many methods of creating a pressure-alleviating grip for your palms to prevent tearing and increase comfort during workouts.

What this video will not do:

  • Make your Fran time better.
  • Answer all of life’s questions pertaining to hand care.
  • Be the end-all of all hand care instructional videos.
  • Pay for your medical expenses if you cut off a toe while attempting to shave your palm calluses. (i.e. you proceed at your own risk.)

Materials that you should have on hand:

This process is somewhat time consuming, however once you get the hang of it it’s something you can knock out in just 30 or so minutes.

Lastly, I sniffed a lot in this video, I’m sorry in advance. I hope you enjoy the information and that it helps you guys out in keeping your hands healthy!

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